Complete Inventory Management

  • Archiv8 can manages every item you sell or collect, and all accompanying information.
  • Robust edition handling makes it easy to manage works in an edition, whether you have one or one hundred.
  • The powerful search tool allows you to find works by artist, status, title, or any combination you can dream of.
  • Batch importing makes it easy to migrate information from existing programs and start using Archiv8 immediately.
  • Store unlimited information on artworks, including multiple images, editions, provenance, shipping, location and over 20 other standard fields.
  • Each inventory record has accompanying document storage, with no limitations on the number, size, or type of files you can add. Condition reports, press clips, contracts, or any other files can live alongside the work.
  • Emailing a work to a client is a one click process in Archiv8. Every email you send is tracked, making it easy to see who got what work.
  • The Inventory List tool makes it easy to group works into exportable and printable lists.


  • Each time you import a work by a new artist, Archiv8 automatically creates a record for that artist in your account.
  • The Artist page makes it easy to see all the artists in your inventory, and how many works you have by each all on one page.
  • Each artist record has the ability to add detailed information, including nationality, notes, contact information, and searchable tags.
  • Archiv8 allows you to import documents, like bios or CV's, for each artists, and there are no limits on the size, number or types of files you can import.


  • Lots of inventory means lots of sharing and emailing with clients, advisors, insurers, shippers, and more. With that in mind, Archiv8 stores all of your contacts, making it easy for you to email an artwork, invoice, consignment, or any other document right from Archiv8.
  • Easily search your clients and create lists. Search by location, name, client status, or any other field.
  • Each client record can store all the key information you need, including multiple emails, phone numbers, and addresses. You can also create searchable tags to track things like client status, artwork interests, or any other data.
  • Getting your client data into Archiv8 is easy. Our batch import tool can import contacts from Gmail, Outlook, Mac Address Book, and CSV files.
  • One of the advantages of having all your clients in Archiv8 is our History tool. Everything you do with your clients is tracked, so you can see what artworks were emailed, when invoices were sent, and when a client views works in a Private Room.
  • Archiv8 shows all the invoices and consignments for any client, making it simple to see a client's purchase and consignment history.
  • Client lists allow you to create purpose-specific groupings of clients, for example, a list of VIP clients, photography collectors, or a list of clients in Miami for your trip to Basel. Lists can be exported as a CSV file or printed as a checklist.


  • Manage Exhibitions, their dates, artworks and documents with our Exhibitions feature.
  • Custom sorting of artworks makes it easy to match the order of works on the gallery wall.
  • Organize and store all your important files, press clippings, and installation images with document storage for each exhibition.
  • Easily export exhibition artworks into a printable checklist, or export the artworks in a CSV file.

Shipping Calculator

  • Archiv8 is the only inventory system that comes with a built-in shipping calculator.
  • The shipping calculator allows you to generate automatic estimates from shippers including Cadogan Tate and FedEx.
  • The user need only enter the origin, destination and dimensions of the package.
  • If a quote looks good, just select “Notify Shipper” and Archiv8 will automatically send an email linking you with the shipping company.

Private Rooms

  • Sharing multiple works with clients can be a difficult task, and not look very nice in email format. We designed Private Rooms to makes the process of sharing works and files with one or more clients simple.
  • Private Rooms are collections of works published to a password protected webpage. You can add an unlimited number of works, documents, and add a message for viewers of the room. There's also no limit on the number of clients you can invite to view the room.
  • Archiv8 sends invitations with unique passcodes to the invitees and tracks who's been invited, and who's logged in to view the room.
  • You can show or hide prices of artworks in one-click, and revoke an individual’s access to the room at any time by simply removing his or her name from the invitee list.


  • Creating an invoice in Archiv8 takes a matter of seconds with our Invoices feature. No more copy and pasting into Word!
  • Add one or more works to an invoice, and let us do the rest. Images, reference numbers and other key details are instanlty added to the invoice. Easily select a client from your list of Archiv8 clients.
  • Discounts and additional line items can be added so you don't have to send separate invoices for other costs.
  • Archiv8 supports multiple currencies. You can currently bill clients and track sales in currencies including USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, and CAD.
  • When the invoice is ready, preview what the client will see, then instantly email it to the client.
  • Track the status of invoices through to payment and take notes in the private notes field along the way.
  • Preview your invoice to see exactly what your client will receive and print or save the invoice as a PDF.


  • Knowing where your inventory is, or who it belongs to is crucial. Our Consignment feature makes creating consignment forms and tracking consignments a one step process.
  • Archiv8 Consignments capture all the important data points for consignments, including dates, terms, consignor, and works.
  • Consignments are print and email ready, and have signature included so there are no extra documents to create.
  • The list of all consignments is searchable and makes it easy to see the outstanding works, and related contact.
  • Artists can be consignors too, so you can track all the works you have from your represented artists.

iPad App

  • The companion iPad app for Archiv8 allows users to create custom collections of works for display on the iPad.
  • Share high quality images of your works with or without an internet connection, hide or show prices, and email multiple images to clients.
  • Publishing works to the ipad is easy. Create Artist Portfolios to highlight works by a given artist, or publish existing Exhibitions and Private Rooms to the app.
  • Becasue our app was designed to work without an internet connection, you only have to wirelessly sync you data once. All the features of the app are available offiline, a huge convenience for clients working remotely.